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Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

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Our meticulously designed button-fastening bra is a testament to opulent comfort and unmatched support, transcending the realm of traditional undergarments.

Lismali Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

Gone are the bygone days of arduous fastening contrivances, with their unyielding hooks and clasps that once tormented your delicate skin.

Donning this splendid creation is a seamless and untroublesome affair, thanks to its front-facing button enclosure.

Lismali Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

Full Coverage Support:

Bid farewell to the vexations of binding straps and rigid steel enclosures. This masterful undergarment ensures your bosom receives the support it deserves, and you never have to endure the uncomfortable bindings of straps or steel rings again!

Lismali Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

A Symphony of Comfort:

Experience the soothing caress of sumptuous fabrics that eschew moisture and keep you cocooned in luxurious comfort throughout the day.

Lismali Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

Posture Correction:

This exquisite creation is not merely a brassiere - It's a guardian of your posture. Through even weight distribution across your shoulders and back, it gently coaxes your shoulders to stand tall and your chest to project forward.

Lismali Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

Breathable All-Day:

Constructed from the softest and silkiest materials, is dedicated to your uninterrupted comfort. It excels in moisture-wicking, ensuring that you remain fresh and content while draped in its regal embrace.

Lismali Daisy Bra - Comfortable Wireless Front Button Bras Plus Size For Women

Easy Sizing:


  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: 4 different color options
  • Size: M - 7XL


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